As we gear up for our next Orlando SOUP event on Wednesday, August 13, we want to take a look back at our previous four presenters and give a special shout-out to our sponsors who made our first event possible.

Our winner at the first-ever Orlando SOUP on May 13, 2014 was Project ReThink, presented by Chris Castro and Clayton Ferrara. The goal of Project ReThink is to raise awareness about our environmental impacts through “sustainable graffiti.” Chris and Clayton will be at our next SOUP event to give us an update on how the project is progressing.

Our other projects and presenters at the last SOUP were:

Florida Coffee Symposium
 by Jimmy Sherfey :: This local miniature conference celebrates the culture of coffee producers at origins across the globe. With the exposure gained with his SOUP presentation, Jimmy was able to round up community partners and is planning the first Florida Coffee Symposium for September 6, 2014.

Pop-up University by Brendan O’Connor :: A retrofitted inflatable bounce house to host university-level courses for the community.

VendArt by Ashley Pollard :: Restore and retrofit a used vending machine and replace the conventional dispensable items with indispensable works of local art.

This event was made possible through generous support from: Thornton Park Restaurant GroupErica Jacobs Design and Orlando Bike Share.